Owen Wilson on Learning About Loki, Tom Hiddleston’s Impression of Him & Buddy Willie Nelson

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Owen talks about being in Maui, his friendship with Willie Nelson, playing poker and dominoes together, Willie writing a song based on a phrase Owen’s dad used to use, his son Ford taking DJ lessons and performing at a christening, Tom Hiddleston teaching him the history of Loki and doing an impression of him, and having his own Mobius action figure.

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4x4chevyredneck 12 timmar sedan
Hopefully one day they will fire you
missmsquare Dag sedan
I should just cancel my Netflix and get Disney.... don't watch Netflix and don't know where to do the cancellation.... No, can't cancel Netflix, want to see the new The Witcher series
Jorgeneedssleep 2 dagar sedan
Love Owen Wilson but this is the first time I've recognized why people despise Kimmel
sam 3 dagar sedan
Loved his performance in night at the museum
metinhan 3 dagar sedan
Oh wow
Raffi N
Raffi N 4 dagar sedan
Can anyone tell me who makes that shirt that Owen is wearing?
Obvious Captain
Obvious Captain 4 dagar sedan
Loki is not from the marvel universe. He is the Norse trickster that killed Odin, and also the name for coyote in Souix peoples creation.
Diana M
Diana M 4 dagar sedan
I want to see more of Mobius in season 2 😢
Pitchfork Studios
Pitchfork Studios 4 dagar sedan
Present Mic
Present Mic 4 dagar sedan
Owens shirt is so cute
Cecil's Fire
Cecil's Fire 5 dagar sedan
"I don't remember the name, something with Lightning in it..." ...Lightning McQueen?
Luis-Enrique Pineda
Luis-Enrique Pineda 5 dagar sedan
Are we living in Mobius real timeline?🤔
Chilton C
Chilton C 5 dagar sedan
he looks so nice in blue aw also this man does n o t look remotely close to fifty he looking very good
Quinn Kelly
Quinn Kelly 5 dagar sedan
My brain keeps seeing Owen's headphones as pearl earrings and it's really making him even more endearing to me than I was already feeling after seeing him as Mobius
moderndaymidas 5 dagar sedan
DJ Wow
Gerardo Salcedo
Gerardo Salcedo 5 dagar sedan
that action figure is clearly Paul Newman
Enzo Palma
Enzo Palma 5 dagar sedan
4:38 i love this so much
Nick Acton
Nick Acton 6 dagar sedan
Thought that was Elen Degeneres
C Golden
C Golden 6 dagar sedan
You can see the sensitivity in Owen Wilson's eyes. Despite the comedic acting, he's a very, very sensitive soul who has been through a lot of emotional turmoil. Textbook Scorpio. It's also clear that he's a good person - a good soul with a genuine heart. I wish him all the best.
Kim In The Mix
Kim In The Mix 6 dagar sedan
I just love this man, his genuineness
Christine Hawley
Christine Hawley 7 dagar sedan
Hey is it just me or does the character look like a cross between paul newman and tom hanks
Aistelic 7 dagar sedan
Why is this guy copying McQueen?
melissa saint
melissa saint 7 dagar sedan
The idea of Owen just hanging out and playing dominoes with Willie Nelson is so wholesome and fun.
herbertson lee
herbertson lee 7 dagar sedan
Getting high and playing bones with Willie!!!
herbertson lee
herbertson lee 7 dagar sedan
Playing bones
Maverick 108
Maverick 108 8 dagar sedan
Rosso Plays Games
Rosso Plays Games 8 dagar sedan
12:02 if you don't want to sit through the whole interview (it's great, but long)
Damaris Santiago
Damaris Santiago 8 dagar sedan
I love Owen Wilson 💕
Kelii Yamashita
Kelii Yamashita 8 dagar sedan
He’s in Maui riding jet skis.
Silvia Hannak
Silvia Hannak 8 dagar sedan
That joke about having too much to do with Loki... its even in the Series .. said by other characters. Before seening the series i thought what is owen wilson doing there. After seening them together: Okay they are both funny together. It worked.
3vil 6in - PRO MOBILE GAMER 8 dagar sedan
Whos Owen Wilson all I see is Morbius’s variant
Nic Wright
Nic Wright 9 dagar sedan
The way he says Maui is *chef's kiss*
JoeyLoganoCAMGAnthraxMegadeth 9 dagar sedan
0:36 He’s at Radiator Springs
Karen Derrick-Davis
Karen Derrick-Davis 9 dagar sedan
What kind of dominoes??? 42???
Karan Bedi
Karan Bedi 10 dagar sedan
Owen looks a lot younger than mobius like 20 years younger
Fletchman1313 10 dagar sedan
I thought he was wearing earrings.
Rogue Lurker
Rogue Lurker 10 dagar sedan
tom literally be like do you want to know about lord and savior loki laufeyson :D lol
WhitnAle01 10 dagar sedan
Uhh, recreational marijuana is not legal in Hawaii...
Clare M
Clare M 10 dagar sedan
Used to like Jimmy K but lately he comes across very fake...pity
Subhankar Barman
Subhankar Barman 10 dagar sedan
Möbius after going to the show Physically "Who are you, Which departement from you are"
MR Green
MR Green 10 dagar sedan
Chuffed Lemon
Chuffed Lemon 10 dagar sedan
Owen Wilson is always such a delight! I'm so happy to see him happy and getting such a great role.
Carlos Montes
Carlos Montes 10 dagar sedan
Wilson O Wen
franch 10 dagar sedan
why was kimmel dragging owen’s action figure so hard??? Owen was happy with it and Kimmel said no it’s bad
Wowasaur 10 dagar sedan
Owen is in “m(wow)i”
Gina Toupin
Gina Toupin 10 dagar sedan
I love this actor. He's really wonderful as Mobius too but he's always good and seems like a really nice, very intelligent guy. Love to meet him and thank him for his performances.
Jonathan Cayone
Jonathan Cayone 10 dagar sedan
Zac Taylor
Zac Taylor 11 dagar sedan
Peter Garcia
Peter Garcia 11 dagar sedan
Owen wilson look like a prairie wife with that shirt
Siphonophore 11 dagar sedan
I was so surprised how old he looked in Loki and surprised again seeing him looking like he can still do a Zoolander 3
tbmuse 11 dagar sedan
And Sarcasm ..... ala Doug Dinsdale (The Piranha Brothers)
alisa 11 dagar sedan
I love Mobius!!
Rhi Rich
Rhi Rich 11 dagar sedan
Anyone else think the Mobius action figure looks like Richard Dreyfuss?
FE Prastyo
FE Prastyo 11 dagar sedan
talky talky
daxter hunter
daxter hunter 11 dagar sedan
The well-groomed smile thoracically scrape because physician nutritionally warn notwithstanding a abortive birth. old, one sunshine
SNÅKEFEEL 11 dagar sedan
Owen & Luke Wilson are national treasures.
Virtual Robots Revolt
Virtual Robots Revolt 11 dagar sedan
Maui on a jet ski!
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis 12 dagar sedan
California voters are big on bath salts....
UNICORNPOTATO 07 12 dagar sedan
Owen Wilson looks like an audience golden retriever
M I S U A L P A 12 dagar sedan
Mobius super power "Good listener" verified. ✅
noitall man
noitall man 12 dagar sedan
why are they laughing at everything?
Maple 1010
Maple 1010 12 dagar sedan
Me watching: say WOW!!!
rocketbride 12 dagar sedan
I really hope someone was filming the loki lectures. I would buy a DVD if that was the bonus feature
Fray K
Fray K 13 dagar sedan
He looks so young hahaha
David Baker
David Baker 13 dagar sedan
Came here for ‘WoW’ . I’m still waiting Owen…
Alisha Gadson
Alisha Gadson 13 dagar sedan
FIRE ROOSTER 13 dagar sedan
CaliforniaGirl49 13 dagar sedan
Kachow Mobius
Zreerag K N
Zreerag K N 13 dagar sedan
thejmeister 13 dagar sedan
Imagine watching a video where Loki takes us on a visual guide of the MCU. I want to see this.
thejmeister 13 dagar sedan
Anyone else click on the video because the thumbnail looks like Owen Wilson is wearing earrings?
CptUhudini 13 dagar sedan
I don’t have many wishes, but the one I have is a new movie with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn
Jodan is Online
Jodan is Online 14 dagar sedan
Mobius will say "wow" when we gets his jetski.
Don Winslow
Don Winslow 14 dagar sedan
I hope to see Loki and Lady Loki go jet-skiing with Mobius.
AnnMarie Allin
AnnMarie Allin 14 dagar sedan
I find that when I listen to Owen Wilson I get really calm... So weird... There is a commercial here about couches that Owen is in, its called Sofaoligy, Owen on his gorgeous couch with the waves pounding behind him, and he just talks about the zen he feels sitting on his couch. Even played a few chords on his guitar... Maybe 3. Very tongue in cheek but pretty excellent.. Calms me right down. I adore him.
Noah Animate // TotalDramaGamer2008
Noah Animate // TotalDramaGamer2008 14 dagar sedan
Owen is Modern Guy!
Alexa R
Alexa R 14 dagar sedan
Strawny 81
Strawny 81 14 dagar sedan
Did the fake laughing being faded in and out get to anyone else?!?!
FullmetalTanman 14 dagar sedan
Cool to know that Owen Wilson smokes weed with Willy Nelson and Woody Harrelson lmao
j qui
j qui 14 dagar sedan
I mean it could be an Owen Wilson impression or a dead on Moira Rose. 😆
David Banos
David Banos 14 dagar sedan
He looks like a grandma with pearl earrings
adiT tropika
adiT tropika 14 dagar sedan
without owen, mobius is just a regular boring officer in Loki series
Miss Jean
Miss Jean 14 dagar sedan
if wanna see about the loki part skip to min 9:12
Intel Recon
Intel Recon 14 dagar sedan
Bruh all I can see is just lightning McQueen in cars two during the scene where he was talking to the Seymour Simmons Italian car through the tv
Bruce B
Bruce B 14 dagar sedan
Tom does the "you know"s pretty well in the impersonation. 😂❤️
Rossana Fioravanti
Rossana Fioravanti 15 dagar sedan
Good job as Moebius. Still he's better looking with grey hair and stache❤️
Brian Bawa
Brian Bawa 15 dagar sedan
Halo Kosovo
Halo Kosovo 15 dagar sedan
isnt sad that your acting was only taken seriously after joining the MCU? Owen: Yes!
Morpheus Matrix
Morpheus Matrix 15 dagar sedan
Nah owen was always fantastic
Sorin_RO 15 dagar sedan
Zachary Prawitt
Zachary Prawitt 15 dagar sedan
Oh what I’d give to smoke a joint with Owen Wilson
Lionheart Mind Explosion
Lionheart Mind Explosion 15 dagar sedan
loki lectures... more than a few days OMG lol
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips 15 dagar sedan
Mobius is such a great character, done flawlessly by Owen Wilson
Jacob Rivera
Jacob Rivera 15 dagar sedan
why does owen wilson look 15 years younger
Hauser 15 dagar sedan
Roguewar 31
Roguewar 31 15 dagar sedan
VinBoy1972 16 dagar sedan
I love Owen Wilson. Not sure why he looks like a small elderly lady here, but he's still splendid.
snow fall
snow fall 16 dagar sedan
Owen Wilson does a great job at playing Mobius. So much fun to watch.
Hit Man
Hit Man 16 dagar sedan
Haha when he was like, yeah I'm in Maui I'm so crushed I can't be in Hollywood rn XD
P4P 1177
P4P 1177 17 dagar sedan
Cleveland is where great Quarterbacks go to die. Willie should write a song about that.
P4P 1177
P4P 1177 17 dagar sedan
Amazing plug for the kid, DJ Kid Kat
Jack Sandler
Jack Sandler 17 dagar sedan
Great show
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