David Harbour on Stranger Things/Marvel Crossover Conspiracies, Black Widow & Vegas Pandemic Wedding

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David talks about getting married to Lily Allen during the pandemic, the Clark County Registrar’s office tweeting their marriage certificate, “Stranger Things” & Marvel crossover conspiracy theories, which Duffer brother he likes better, his Russian accent in Black Widow, his new action figure, and he presents the world premiere trailer for a movie honoring teachers that he made during the pandemic.

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Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water
Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water Dag sedan
Glori Viskya
Glori Viskya 5 dagar sedan
David is amazing
NNU 12 dagar sedan
David Harbour made a point about the language they should be speaking.
John Kevin Silagan
John Kevin Silagan 12 dagar sedan
I'm actually with David. He's a genius. Marvel should've made them speak Russian instead of an English Russian accent. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Fun with Lindsay
Fun with Lindsay 14 dagar sedan
Marry the kid or what
Moaaz A.
Moaaz A. 14 dagar sedan
Are we gonna ignore the fact that David said Jimmy is trying to play Kraven in the upcoming Spiderman movie
Rico The Chimpanzee
Rico The Chimpanzee 15 dagar sedan
I didnt even realize David's characters has been in a Russian prison cell twice until Jimmy said something about that. Once in stranger things season 3 and possibly 4 and also black widow
Tom Quixote
Tom Quixote 16 dagar sedan
whattt Kimmel for Kraven ?? somehow, i can see it ! XD
tankshot 325
tankshot 325 17 dagar sedan
Damn Rachael Weiz is 5 yrs older than him.
Prod. Exo
Prod. Exo 17 dagar sedan
We love David
C.H 18 dagar sedan
Isnt he the same guy who said" i dont think theres anyone who can deny socialism"? Meanwhile ALL of Cuba is denouncing that. Dudes a moron.
Gerald Gore
Gerald Gore 18 dagar sedan
What a dope.
Potato Spud
Potato Spud 18 dagar sedan
David Harbour’s voice just turns into John Malkovich around 8:10
Erin Craven
Erin Craven 19 dagar sedan
I love that his name in marvel is the name of the guy that dies in stranger things
Master Chief
Master Chief 20 dagar sedan
its weird to hear him with out a Russian accent right after seeing black widow lol
flippy dippy
flippy dippy 20 dagar sedan
“Clearly what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas” I love that line
GoldieB ELAN
GoldieB ELAN 21 dag sedan
Love him but am I the only one who’s noticed his small hands? 😅
Mommo da Dinastia
Mommo da Dinastia 21 dag sedan
Hes very handsome
Mos Tee Anunnaki
Mos Tee Anunnaki 22 dagar sedan
Why Is Hopper impersonating Harbour?
Sincere Mimi
Sincere Mimi 22 dagar sedan
The fact that both Harper and Alexie are in prison
Sheepdog Ultra
Sheepdog Ultra 28 dagar sedan
So he and Amy Seimetz, Aunt Becky Ives, were just in No Sudden Moves movie. Pretty cool flick.
Marwan Mohamed
Marwan Mohamed 28 dagar sedan
It's your grandma, 😂😂😂😂 legends will understand
Marwan Mohamed
Marwan Mohamed 28 dagar sedan
Marvel is going to blow him up about kravin
FastFreddy Månad sedan
David is just a amazing guy in our lives
Adam Saxe
Adam Saxe Månad sedan
He married Lily Allen? Whhaaat? Hey, good for him. Good for them!
Humantorch Månad sedan
The perfect guy for the thing role
blue color
blue color Månad sedan
Great guy, I love David!! Can’t wait for season 4 of Stranger things!👍❤️
Madison Bokovoy
Madison Bokovoy Månad sedan
the first part made me choke on my water
Jon Månad sedan
Why no mask or social distancing. Everyone in world gonna die now
Alice Christine
Alice Christine Månad sedan
He can say “el 7 de Septiembre es nuestro aniversaaaario”
Lil Carlos Arts
Lil Carlos Arts Månad sedan
Just some GUY IN OUR LIVES!!!
chicken tea
chicken tea Månad sedan
Tom Holland would have spoiled season 4 before season 3 is coming out
Luis Castaneda
Luis Castaneda Månad sedan
So you telling me that Hopper didn't die but he went on the show? Interesting.
RazerBuzer Månad sedan
J Debell
J Debell Månad sedan
Just wanted to tell you I am happy to see you in a huge role. You deserve it. You are a great actor and captivating. That's what it's all about, being real.goid luck and thanks 😊
Bdeann Månad sedan
ya like jas
ya like jas Månad sedan
david sounds like pewdiepie i just figured it out 9 minutes in
Brody B
Brody B Månad sedan
Seeing David with Ethel And marnie is always the most adorable videos
gio gabrillo
gio gabrillo Månad sedan
Did David mentioned that Jimmy will be on the next Spiderman? 🤔
Jillian Gardner
Jillian Gardner Månad sedan
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Uouttooo Månad sedan
So Black Widow and Stranger Things are in the same universe and happening at the same time.
Yehoshua Schuster
Yehoshua Schuster Månad sedan
I think he was on crack on this interview.
Rylee chen
Rylee chen Månad sedan
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tls84 Månad sedan
John Malkovich is brilliant at playing David Harbour.
Odd Mad
Odd Mad Månad sedan
He should be honored to be "some guy in their lives!" Them not wanting to call him dad means they probably love their dad.... a lot of kids don't even know their dads, or hate their dads.
Kathleen R
Kathleen R Månad sedan
That is not the meaning, or the point of the story. "Just another guy in our lives" means that their mother has had OTHER boyfriends in her life, and they were all TEMPORARY (they are gone now.) And until their mother's relationship with David takes a DIFFERENT turn than the previous ones, (like marriage) he is no different to the girls than any previous man that dated their mother and is now NOT dating her. (so, 'just some guy in our lives . . . . for a little while'.) Unless something changes, they expect him to be GONE eventually, also. ---- So the realization that THAT'S how one of the girls sees it, prompted him to marry their mother because he IS SERIOUS about his relationship with them and their mother. ---- Marrying their mother makes him, NOT just the NEXT temporary guy. The marriage implies permanency for the girls.
Slobodan Nikolic
Slobodan Nikolic Månad sedan
he is hot
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald Månad sedan
Lily Allen? The singer Lily Allen? Good lord, thats a pairing out of the blue.
alicia hüls
alicia hüls Månad sedan
11:15 Captain Communism
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy Månad sedan
Ya he has a point in marvel movies forgetting the unreal supper powers but it’s so unrealistic the way everyone can speak English even aliens never on earth
macaak Månad sedan
David is such a brilliant man..
EmaMasterchef Månad sedan
David c'mon you can't speak russian properly LOL
Brianna Keogan
Brianna Keogan Månad sedan
He has an accent because he learned English from Black Widow and now they can talk to each other in English
koolwhat Månad sedan
lame... a year late who cares
Jemma Cloyd
Jemma Cloyd Månad sedan
A lot of people actually, you’re in the minority bud 😂
Celeste Samuel
Celeste Samuel Månad sedan
He has a point but we all know that north americans dont like subtitles so.... i love him even more .
Ava Murawski
Ava Murawski Månad sedan
Jed Call
Jed Call Månad sedan
I know it was a joke but I don't want to see Jimmy as kraven😅
Blue bird
Blue bird Månad sedan
He was an awesome Hellboy
The Judge
The Judge Månad sedan
ST - An american that has been slaves in Russia. Black Widow - A Russian man on his way to defeat a skeleton mask boi
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Månad sedan
David is the greatest EVER!!!
albitto babu
albitto babu Månad sedan
Russian kidnapped him in stranger things and turn him into red guardian .
Jordan Månad sedan
Put David harbour and Tom Holland in a movie together and you would get all the spoilers 😂😂
Marvel Fan
Marvel Fan Månad sedan
Mark Ruffalo: am I a joke to you?
XSophxO  #stopanimaltesting
XSophxO #stopanimaltesting Månad sedan
Yea lolll
SixElementalCrystals Månad sedan
‘Still Fits’
Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322 Månad sedan
What David said about the language of his character is the thing they did in Mortal Kombat 2021, the Scorpion Character only speaks Japanese. Its actually perfect. Fits well in the movie.
P.A.B. Månad sedan
David is the man. Jimmy on the other hand has a really punchable face.
Earlyzozixyz Earlyzozixyz
Earlyzozixyz Earlyzozixyz Månad sedan
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Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo Månad sedan
Super sad news. Jk. So charming. I’m so happy for them.
Stacks_v3 Månad sedan
I would of loved the scene in Russian!!!!
dsscam Månad sedan
"If I'm ruining anything - I apologize" AFTER he ruins things-- what a moron.
Walt Locke
Walt Locke Månad sedan
Oooh finally an American not being full of himself. He's right, language choices in American movies doesn't make any sense, but for the sake of enjoying the movie we accept the suspension of disbelief. Thank you Harbour for speaking the truth 😅
Davis Lindsay
Davis Lindsay Månad sedan
The dull fir ironically live because schedule ostensibly transport via a absorbing change. ajar, macabre knickers
KalzCity Månad sedan
From the side he kinda looks like Tom Segura🤣🤣🤣
Lisa Juan
Lisa Juan Månad sedan
The Sharma's Show
The Sharma's Show Månad sedan
finally soon we are getting stranger things season 4🎉🎉🎉
ゴーゴーナマケモノ Månad sedan
Z K Månad sedan
He actually remembers but just want to reveal his confident common ppl he is great for this marriage although he got with lily Allen, the millions crush. He is a man and congratulations to u motha David Dadd or a man in their life .
K P Månad sedan
My favorite anchorman Elliot!
FoolishDuke Månad sedan
BRO is Kimmel playing Kraven?! lmfaoooooooo either way David Harbour is HILARIOUS for saying that
Isidro Valencia
Isidro Valencia Månad sedan
I was looking for a comment like this 😂no one else caught it 😂
Shiva Månad sedan
Just release that movie
nina Månad sedan
He’s so chill. I love him
Scarlet Ragneel
Scarlet Ragneel Månad sedan
His stepdaughter not accepting him is actually sad but he's taking it in stride 🥺 I hope they accept him soon 💙
Sofia1533 Månad sedan
I don't thinks it's 100% necessarily for them to accept them as their father, just their moms husband... Not everyone is the same
Caitlin E
Caitlin E Månad sedan
@Scarlet Ragneel but he’s not their dad 😂
ya like jas
ya like jas Månad sedan
they weren’t married yet! so technically he wasn’t their stepdad yet, but now he is
Kathleen R
Kathleen R Månad sedan
@Scarlet Ragneel You missed the point of his story. When the one child said to the other child, "He is just some guy in our lives", it prompted him to say to himself, WHY have I not married their mother? So that I am not just 'some guy in their lives.' And they got married right away. So he is no longer just 'mom's NEXT temporary boyfriend' in the eyes of the girls. When they married, he is now 'permanent' to the girls. It means he is SERIOUS about his love for their mother.
Gail Emory
Gail Emory Månad sedan
@Scarlet Ragneel its not sad. Hes not their Dad!!! They have a dad very much a part of their lives. Hes a stepdad, which is very different
Michael Månad sedan
I know they're all from the comics but how many more rip-off Captain America characters are we gonna get in the movies
pumpkin Månad sedan
just because he carries a shield doesnt mean hes a captain america rip-off lol his backstory is a lot more complex and interesting
Will Månad sedan
He looks thin🤭
Leeds Judson
Leeds Judson Månad sedan
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Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Månad sedan
I clicked because I thought it was Tom Segura
Eric ng
Eric ng Månad sedan
Do how Natasha and Yelena act to Red Guardian will be similar as his two step daughters to David?
Marco Shepard
Marco Shepard Månad sedan
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Clifford Morgan
Clifford Morgan Månad sedan
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Alexa Zeytounian
Alexa Zeytounian Månad sedan
The chubby octopus lately occur because fragrance embryologically miss in a medical bush. homely, mundane flame
Deen Buzz
Deen Buzz Månad sedan
Aww hopper is no longer chubby:(❤
Shane Rose
Shane Rose Månad sedan
I'm calling it, David Harbour's going to be the highlight of Black Widow.
Jim Applebee
Jim Applebee 19 dagar sedan
@Shane Rose You are so correct. Both of them were incredible!
Presley Grande
Presley Grande 23 dagar sedan
here after watching black widow, he was one of the best parts of the movie
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho Månad sedan
@Iron man I don't think he will die.
Iron man
Iron man Månad sedan
I just don't want Task master to die in this movie I want him more in mcu
Shane Rose
Shane Rose Månad sedan
@Diasmc Coelho Honesty, I could see it being both
freaks and greeks
freaks and greeks Månad sedan
So season 4 will come out on April 4th
qwerttzizzi Månad sedan
Love this guy. He feels so normal..and authentic..like a regular guy. Hope he stays this way!
Stephanie Fabian
Stephanie Fabian Månad sedan
Lmaoooo some guy in our lives
Nayeeb G
Nayeeb G Månad sedan
David Harbour is like the Big bro of Steven ogg(Trevor from GTA5).
Aaron Christopher- Moneyside
Aaron Christopher- Moneyside Månad sedan
David is trying not to spoil it for Season 4 like Tom Holland LOL
Marissa Kaelyn
Marissa Kaelyn Månad sedan
So true
Moive rivews
Moive rivews Månad sedan
hannah kaylene
hannah kaylene Månad sedan
"was one prison nicer than the other prison?"😂💀
Pearl Ofori-Som
Pearl Ofori-Som Månad sedan
Wait 10:42 Jimmy's gonna be in spiderman??
Y Ashish
Y Ashish Månad sedan
wait why is no one talking abt how David leaked that Jimmy is in the MCU !?
sadiesinkau Månad sedan
Mukundan Månad sedan
@K 5599 denks🤧
K 5599
K 5599 Månad sedan
Mukundan Månad sedan
Timestamp pls
Jaime Antonio Mangune
Jaime Antonio Mangune Månad sedan
Still waiting for the 4th season of stranger things
Wyatt The Gryffindor
Wyatt The Gryffindor Månad sedan
I met David at comic con a couple years ago and he was super nice
sadiesinkau Månad sedan
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