Tom Hiddleston on Loki Premiere, Meeting Chris Hemsworth & Matt Damon Stealing His Part

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Tom talks about the royal baby being born, attending the premiere in London, turning 40 on set while playing Loki, meeting Chris Hemsworth for the first time many years ago, Matt Damon playing Loki, the premiere of “Loki” on Disney+, working with Owen Wilson, the multiverse, and he shows us what he took from the set.

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Rebecca S
Rebecca S 21 timme sedan
Also, this guy showing up in a suit with a proper plain background and everything at 1am after a big premiere event :o What a professional 🙏🏼
Rebecca S
Rebecca S 21 timme sedan
OMG HE HAS THE SCARF!! The joy and earnestness of this man is incredible
Nalu Blackwater
Nalu Blackwater Dag sedan
He still has the scarf!!!
Kimberly Ferguson
Kimberly Ferguson 3 dagar sedan
Matt Damon was a Variant..Lol!
a critic without a cause
a critic without a cause 3 dagar sedan
5:05 🤣🤣🤣🤗
Solomon Taylor
Solomon Taylor 4 dagar sedan
When you take away from the actors the pleasure of going live in front of an audience meeting face to face with the host and celebrating with everyone the success they made, what kind of product are we gonna expect in the future.
Greg Robinson
Greg Robinson 4 dagar sedan
That was a nice scarf.
LONEWOLF 5 dagar sedan
I love LOKI ! That is it. Thor is good too, but LOKI IS
Andreina Sabatini
Andreina Sabatini 5 dagar sedan
I am here.
Astro 6 dagar sedan
That scarf was the best thing he kept and tom want to remember that how the loki character was portray in movie and it was best thing happen in life. And in his own show they have turned him side character by some bunch of woke.
P K 6 dagar sedan
This is the second interview I'm watching by this Jimmy character. Guy is an arrogant jerk. Always flies off onto another topic when the guest is excited about something else. Ill mannered fellow, how did he get a job?
B Games
B Games 7 dagar sedan
Jimmy: *Loki has a knife-* me asf: *ITS A DAGGER*
Giovanni Marangon
Giovanni Marangon 8 dagar sedan
Romulino 8 dagar sedan
He could not know how good the jet ski joke actually was. Haha
Sebastián Soto
Sebastián Soto 8 dagar sedan
Teachers i need in my life: Tom Hiddleston
leniel dela torre
leniel dela torre 8 dagar sedan
An evil Loki Variant...JK was right all along
Gwen Millett
Gwen Millett 8 dagar sedan
Tom and benedryl cucumber are true gentlemen
Jessa B
Jessa B 8 dagar sedan
His Accent🤩😍
Silvia Hannak
Silvia Hannak 8 dagar sedan
Einsteins Theories, Chaos Theory and Loki. Nice mess. Loki just needs his voice to making tricks on people. No need for a hammer ;-) Only with the scarf and black hair.. he could be in Harry Potter as well :-P
Nic Wright
Nic Wright 9 dagar sedan
They bought the royal baby a jetski, but Mobius never got his :'(
Chef Sab
Chef Sab 10 dagar sedan
The gap between british sense of humor and americans🤣
Raka Tan
Raka Tan 11 dagar sedan
Tom is so adorable.
Ilana Souza
Ilana Souza 11 dagar sedan
It was so embarrassing to watch this interview! What's a shame! Loki fans will do everything to have this scarf, it means everything to us. It was quite rude treated him in a ironic way! Tom seems to be so discomfortable and he's so proud of what he's got! All your fans Tom, including me were screaming, because the scarf was part of your character outfits, not only in Thor but in The Avengers. I'm so blessed to see piece with you, we're proud of you! You're awesome!!! 🙏
Sim Sam
Sim Sam 11 dagar sedan
You can tell Tom loves that scarf
Matt Mendoza
Matt Mendoza 11 dagar sedan
This came out before ep 1 aired so the "Loki, as we know, contains all kinds of people" was low key (hehe) a spoiler. lol
Sandi Lu
Sandi Lu 12 dagar sedan
I remember that scarf
DeAnna Fassett
DeAnna Fassett 12 dagar sedan
I totally understand the whole 7 year old kid thing. My spouse could care less about Loki and the MCU. I can't get enough of them. Loki forever as long as he's played by Tom Hiddleston 😍
003atom_ant300 13 dagar sedan
Just when we all thought all this time Matt Damon and Jimmy buried the hatchet. LOL. Classic classic. I gotta see Loki now.
Brandon King
Brandon King 13 dagar sedan
Also Marvel and Star Wars are the things me and my fiancee watch together, so we excitedly talk about it all after we watch it.
Berrada Ghali
Berrada Ghali 13 dagar sedan
we just KNOW, that when Jimmy said Jetski, he tought of mobius
Recommendit 13 dagar sedan
SnakeVenom3000 13 dagar sedan
The purest man in the world portrays the god of mischief to the point everyone comes to him for advice. what a world we live in lol
Brock Riskey
Brock Riskey 13 dagar sedan
I recognized the scarf immediately. Fun interview. Loki season 1 was a hard 10/10!
James Howlett
James Howlett 14 dagar sedan
Jimmy Kimmel is not funny
maisie lupin-black
maisie lupin-black 15 dagar sedan
'we already bought her a JET SKI' HELLOOOO
Asaf Lavi
Asaf Lavi 16 dagar sedan
Such a good actor
Zinou 16 dagar sedan
Tom Hiddleston is one of my favorite actors
Tarani J T
Tarani J T 17 dagar sedan
I sometimes wonder how does Kimmel still has a show?! I mean this guy kills the vibe of the every host for going on saying his stupid and irrespective comments. Look at Tom going all excited about the scarf and kimmel just cuts him off mid sentence with a demeaning laugh .He does this to all his host and that's why I prefer the Tonight show over this irresponsible and irrespective kimmel. I said what I said
Tarani J T
Tarani J T 17 dagar sedan
jacquie cv
jacquie cv 17 dagar sedan
Merlin Cuellar
Merlin Cuellar 17 dagar sedan
Yo is it just me or was jimmy super rude this interview? like kinda dry and short with Tom, homie couldn't get in a word...especially with the way he reacted to the scarf, Tom was obviously excited and dude just shot that down. :/ not cool.
DN970R Noble
DN970R Noble 18 dagar sedan
Jimmy interview loki not the actor
Guada Chadderdon
Guada Chadderdon 19 dagar sedan
I love him!!
20S1025 Lawrence Mathias
20S1025 Lawrence Mathias 19 dagar sedan
When tom wore that scarf, I got it quickly that it was from the first Thor movie
은비BE 19 dagar sedan
Ele tava tão animado pra falar mano vem cá jimmy vou descer a porrada em você
Sarah Kapoor
Sarah Kapoor 20 dagar sedan
When he said jet ski 😭 all I could think of was Mobius
Lovey Williams
Lovey Williams 20 dagar sedan
I got to happy seeing the scarf but I thought it was the one from Avengers still pretty cool tho
Fern Kelley
Fern Kelley 20 dagar sedan
0:54 Did someone say jet ski?
Thalia Lopes
Thalia Lopes 20 dagar sedan
I kept waiting for the scarf story 🌜 I wanted to hear
Edits 1029
Edits 1029 20 dagar sedan
Few more hours then episode 6 comes out
Juvenile Immortal
Juvenile Immortal 21 dag sedan
I also wanna join the Loki's school.
MusicOrGetMugged 21 dag sedan
They turned no name and B list superhero into iconic image of the decade, hell even a century. Disney outdone themselves
Ravindra Sharma
Ravindra Sharma 21 dag sedan
He is my favorite😍😍😍
Shachi Mishra
Shachi Mishra 21 dag sedan
This just doesn't feel right This man is doing an interview for you at 1:00 a.m. in the morning that too after an event and you just don't let him speak . This is inappropriate 😐
KoPi_Gamez 21 dag sedan
imagine 1 am in the morning and wearing a suit XD
Alex Tomahawk
Alex Tomahawk 22 dagar sedan
Stephen Colbert would’ve recognized the scarf.
Justus Plays Bass
Justus Plays Bass 22 dagar sedan
Jet Ski 🤔
snflwr 22 dagar sedan
I felt uncomfortable while watching this.
KoPi_Gamez 21 dag sedan
Valin 22 dagar sedan
The Jet Ski comment after the fact is kinda ironic
H. B.E.
H. B.E. 22 dagar sedan
I think it's funny Jimmy says his wife is very disinterested in Loki and all that and yet Jimmy himself seems disinterested and not knowledgeable about the whole thing himself. He sucks at interviews.
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava 23 dagar sedan
Hey I know that scarf
Maulana Said Al Zaki
Maulana Said Al Zaki 23 dagar sedan
Jimmy Kimmel interview 2021 Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek
Maulana Said Al Zaki
Maulana Said Al Zaki 23 dagar sedan
Jimmy Kimmel live streaming You Will Soon Reach 20 milion Subscriber
Andre Stolier
Andre Stolier 23 dagar sedan
Expo 23 dagar sedan
That jet ski reference is really weird unless Jimmy had already seen the show which I highly doubt. Tom must’ve thought how ironic that was
Tim Gingell
Tim Gingell 23 dagar sedan
Loki is a great show. Marvel is burdened with glorious actors. DC is burdened with not much imagination. They get showed up by better writing and better acting.
Moumita Das
Moumita Das 23 dagar sedan
Tom Hiddleston is the man I can listen to 24*7.
Cora Tong
Cora Tong 24 dagar sedan
i so remember hes scarf from Thor love Loki
AC3 24 dagar sedan
You all realize matt has another movie coming up, so...another chance to get snubbed by jimmy!
Luina Batista-Almeida
Luina Batista-Almeida 24 dagar sedan
We need this PowerPoint presentation from Loki's school
Carson Lundquist
Carson Lundquist 24 dagar sedan
Greg M
Greg M 24 dagar sedan
I feel like Jimmy ruined this interview lol. Was kind of annoying.
Lolo L
Lolo L 24 dagar sedan
Don’t worry Tom. I remembered the scarf.
Hari Madatharakal
Hari Madatharakal 24 dagar sedan
Now I love loki more than other MCU ...loki is super series
Neelansh Mishra
Neelansh Mishra 25 dagar sedan
Imagine having Tom Hiddleston and giving him 1 kissing scene I mean comeon Marvel...
nit ish
nit ish 25 dagar sedan
I found tye third person who was born for marvel ✌️
Kayla Thomason
Kayla Thomason 25 dagar sedan
He's just too damn pure! So proud of his scarf! I love him to pieces!
1iE R3Tr0
1iE R3Tr0 25 dagar sedan
After loki episode 5 i think loki is now worthy ❤️ like if you agree😊
Nancy Reyes
Nancy Reyes 25 dagar sedan
ese pinche jimmy siempre tan nefasto y desatinado con sus invitados
WISER WORLD 25 dagar sedan
I think Matt is always on air in this show...
dhwani mysore
dhwani mysore 26 dagar sedan
We don't deserve Tom and his scarf☹️
Shamz 26 dagar sedan
Engel Cavalcante
Engel Cavalcante 26 dagar sedan
Tom had a cool or emotional story with that scarf and Jimmy didn’t let him speak just for the sake of bullying
Milichay 26 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, but when I saw the scarf, I yell. I loved the costume in Thor 1. and love the use of scarf in Loki, made him look so chic and elegant.
mobey 26 dagar sedan
tom hiddleston as loki is one of the very best parts of this franchise. what a legend.
Andrew's You'niverse
Andrew's You'niverse 26 dagar sedan
"We already bought her a jet ski" ironic
Kyle Spratt
Kyle Spratt 25 dagar sedan
LYNX 26 dagar sedan
Jimmy is really getting better with his timed jokes and puns. 😄👏
Nguyen 27 dagar sedan
He excitedly showed us the scarf and I guess it had such a memorable story that he couldn't wait to tell, and you-know-who laughed ridiculously to overwhelm. Everyone was embarrassed, except you-know-who. So hel-larious.:)
Mr. Bipin
Mr. Bipin 27 dagar sedan
I instantly recognise that scarf when he showed us. From Thor
SomeFamousDude 27 dagar sedan
When Jimmy Kimmel said “I feel stupid like I’m 7 again. And I’m explaining stuff to my wife about Loki and she doesn’t care at all” I felt that 😂😂 I don’t ever shut up about the MCU and no one ever cares hahaha 😂😂😂 but I will never stop cause I love marvel 🤷🏼🤷🏼
Annukta Meitra
Annukta Meitra 27 dagar sedan
Mr Rad
Mr Rad 27 dagar sedan
The foreshadowing of "we already bought her a jetski"
Kyle Spratt
Kyle Spratt 25 dagar sedan
ivonne rdz.
ivonne rdz. 27 dagar sedan
dude I was like THE SCARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tracy Kennedy
Tracy Kennedy 27 dagar sedan
Shame Tom has such a beige background…because he is anything but beige 💕👍🏼 - the scarf is great! Tom has a great sense of humour 😄
elizabeth byrne
elizabeth byrne 28 dagar sedan
I love Tom Hiddleston, but I hate this interview because of Jimmy. Cringey af..
Scrub Boi Notorious
Scrub Boi Notorious 28 dagar sedan
Mobius used to have a jet ski 🥺
Scrub Boi Notorious
Scrub Boi Notorious 28 dagar sedan
Too bad an alligator is about to upstage him
Yaxenie Perez
Yaxenie Perez 28 dagar sedan
Aweee Tom was so excited when he brought out the scarf he’s so cute 😭😭
Paula Singleton
Paula Singleton 28 dagar sedan
The average school bioinformatically arrange because garage consequently sound circa a evasive psychiatrist. holistic, solid microwave
Daughter of Darkness asmr
Daughter of Darkness asmr 28 dagar sedan
ONE thing that made me mad was the whole Hela thing... Her Name is Hel She is Lokis Daughter The sister of the big Wolf She IS the goddess of death She is NOT Odins Daughter!!!
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